FS : Sharp MZ-5600

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FS : Sharp MZ-5600

Post by SunDow79 »

Its with a bit of pain in my heart as it was once a great find.
But as I am not using it and I need to reclaim some space it has to go.

So, for sale a working but not perfect Sharp MZ-5600.
It boots both MS-DOS (2.11) and CP/M 86 (those are the ones I have on disks).
Monochrome image works find on my modern LCD TV (made a quick cable), colour I have not tried as I don't have the appropriate cable.
Has two drive's A: and B: Unable to test B: as the : key is not working.
Still need to test all the keys on the keyboard but it most certainly will need a clean.

Just the system + keyboard and monochrome video cable from DIN to RCA and I think I also have a manual somewhere (will go search).
Pictures available if someone is interested.

So that's all the nitty gritty, feel free to ask any questions.

Asking 250 euro's + postage or next best offer (yes, perhaps a little steep, I know, but thats the number for now)

PS. The system is located in the Netherlands
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Le Gringeot
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Re: FS : Sharp MZ-5600

Post by Le Gringeot »

Hi SunDow79,

Is your MZ-5600 still available?

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