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Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:28 am
by psmart
Hi and welcome.

I just sold 2 MZ-1F11 as I was having a clear out (under orders!!). The problem with them (at least the 2 I had) is the drive belt, it ages and stretches and thus the disk doesn't spin at the right RPM. I never got to change the belts but I did strip down the drives to clean them after buying and it is not so hard to change the belt. Getting the belt though, I couldn't source an original and I was going to get one from as they have a lot, basically you use a piece of string or cotton to size the belt and choose the profile (square, round, flat etc). I never got to complete this task though and sold them on before doing it.

Re: Introduction

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 6:32 pm
by MZ-808
thanx a lot for the interesting reply concerning the mz-1f11 qdd, psmart!

i also supposed that it could have something to do with the old belt in the drive... especially after watching several videos on youtube about similar problems concerning belt-driven devices...

i may see, if i can replace the belt on my qdd... as i always thought that it's rather weird that it still runs somehow, but doesn't seem to load any of the programs stored on the qds anymore... :?

well... wish me luck considering the belt replacement possibility! ;-)

cheers! :-)

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Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 1:26 am
by psmart
Good luck :) shouldnt be too hard, i have to do the same for my 80A tape drive and replace the belt, works fine with tapes it records but very temperamental with existing tapes. What amazes me is how well this stuff still works!

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Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:05 pm
by ralphyke

I'm new to the MZ-700 (I have a MZ-721 that I picked up at a boot fair many years ago and have only just dug it out of storage and playing with it). However, do you know where I can at least get BASIC on tape from as I literally can't do anything without that.

When I was growing up, I had a Vic 20 then C64 and then Amiga so I'm very retro friendly and nostalgic. So for a machine that I had never seen before, I'm curious to get it running something. It does switch on and when I press L it wants me to load a tape, but I don't have any tapes :-(


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Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:16 pm
by psmart
Hi Ralph,

Firstly, welcome, I owned an MZ-80A in 1983 and an MZ-700 around 1985 but then time kind of morphed and picked it all up again in 2018!

One of the biggest problems with older machines is getting software onto them. We are so used to click and run these days that sourcing a tape and waiting seems alien! I'm correcting the issue on my MZ-80A with some hardware upgrades using ROMS and an SD card, intending to do the same on my MZ-700 but that is a few months off.

Did you ever get a tape? If not, message me an address and I can make a copy and post it down to you along with the Sharp BASIC applications.

Hope Brighton is still going well, my Uni town so have an affection for it but havent visited for many years!



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Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:34 pm
by Gortho
ralphyke wrote: Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:05 pm (...)
However, do you know where I can at least get BASIC on tape from as I literally can't do anything without that.

Welcome to the forum...

You can download tape file with BASIC... or anything else from this site, then using for example MZF Studio or mzt2wav convert it to audio and load to your Sharp with one of those toys ;)

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Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:35 am
by arnuphis
Hello! Just joined this week.
Male: 1966
Living: USA

I finally got a hold of a MZ-80B and that is no mean feat here in the US. I have wanted one since I saw one in my Mother's catalogue back in 1982. So glad to finally have one.

I just have the computer itself. It powered up fine and popped open the cassette hatch and that's as far as I can go since I have no tapes. I ordered a car Cassette adapter so I can load up some WAV files to try it out. I did pop in a spare cassette to see if it would at least turn it. It did. But a bit too well as it chewed it up when I tried to rewind. Guess fixing the tape drive is on my list. I took out the PSU and some of the caps are leaking at the bottom so I ordered a fresh set and will replace them all before I power it up again.

I hope to get to know everyone as I enjoy a much delayed experience of using this computer. I know this is a long shot but does anyone know where to start looking for the disk I/O card? I want to use a HXC device and SD card but obviously it's a non starter without that card.

Anyway. Hello again and thanks in advance!

Re: Introduction

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:54 am
by psmart
Hi and welcome,

Good to see someone else using these classic machines.

I have an MZ80B with the SB5510 tape but no idea how to copy it, on the MZ80A and MZ700 it is easy as the BASIC has a built in copier. Im more than happy to make a copy and post it if anyone could advise how. Alternatively if you have see the post above for software to allow you to create a tape.

The MZ80B uses a fully automated tape deck, it rewinds, fast forwards, plays etc automatically, on switch on if you press C it will load then rewind the tape.

On my MZ80B and all the other machines I have, I performed complete strip downs to the minuscule parts, all electronics were washed in Isopropyl alcohol and gently rubbed to remove dirt and grime built up over the years, all plastic parts were subject to a full soak in detergent. On the 80A I had to do a bit of retrobrite-ing as the cassette deck lid had yellowed but this wont be an issue on your 80B as it is nearly all metal or silvered plastic! Certainly the power supply capacitors need to be replaced, they are the suppressor capacitors on page 41 of this document: ... 80b_sm.pdf, C101 and C102. The electrolytic's are surprisingly robust, but if any of them appear to be bulging best to replace them. The cassette deck will need a good clean, at minimum clean the capstan rollers and heads with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol, also the drive belt pulleys to get better grip.

In terms of the floppy disk card, there was one on Ebay a couple of weeks back but it's gone now. I have the K&P 700 card which is a description is on this link Reading the threads, seems a number of people have been after cards over the years, if none appear on Ebay it may be an idea to make one.

I've been making a few upgrades for the Sharps, I tested one of the boards I made for the MZ80A /700 on the 80B yesterday, the board works but will need re-designing to fit the 80B, has to be opposite direction and low profile. This board adds SD card amongst other capabilities.

If you cant source a tape/make one then drop me a message and I'll have a go at duplicating mine.

If you havent researched yet, a good site to get documents and software is - it has all the manuals, service manuals etc as well.


Re: Introduction

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:59 am
by psmart
Smaller newer design which will fit just CPU is wrong way around!

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Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:37 pm
by hlide
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