MZ-700 Upgrade - tranZPUter SW-700

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MZ-700 Upgrade - tranZPUter SW-700

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Just thought I would share my most recent board with the forum as I slowly piece together the documentation which can be found at

This is an amalgamation of my MZ-80A developments for the Sharp MZ-700 providing it with a much needed boost in terms of storage, video, speed etc. Still some work to do but in general it is a stable upgrade. All the source can be found on github at

As mentioned in my github website, this board hasn't been designed for commercial reasons, not least because the parts aren't the cheapest and features are not reduced to meet a price. The boards are difficult to make, at least with my limited facilities but should there be an interest I could make up the odd board at cost or enquire as to get a small run made at a PCB fab. I do have some spare PCB's so if you have the facilities to assemble your own just ask and I can send you one.
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