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[MZ-80K] Print Plot

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2020 2:22 pm
by mz-80a
I was recently contacted by the author of some software called Print Plot which was sold by Sharpsoft a very long time ago. He suggested I put it online so I'm putting it here to preserve it. His note to me was as follows:

This a program which I wrote myself and sold through SharpSoft at the princely sum of £5.85
It is described in the catalogue as follows.

There are many graphics utility programs but Printplot's advanced features make it unique. Essentially, the program enables the user to plot a static graphics display directly on the screen using enhanced cursor facilities. Once complete, the program will automatically convert the display into a series of Print statements contained within a subroutine. When required, the program can be instructed to delete itself, leaving only the display subroutines which can be incorporated into subsequent programs.

My agreement with Sharpsoft for this program was dated 17-8-1981, so it is possible that this may be the world's first ever automatic code generator and/or the world's first ever commercial interactive graphics program!