PCG700 on MZ 700 using Unicard

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PCG700 on MZ 700 using Unicard

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Hello friends,

MZ unicard for MZ 700 should be able to emulate PCG700 for MZ 700.
Any experience with this feature using Basic?
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Re: PCG700 on MZ 700 using Unicard

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The UNICARD can emulate standard SHARP peripherals, such as Quick Disk, various RAM disks (RAM, SRAM, SROM, EMM), a floppy controller with 4 floppy disk drives, a serial interface, 80 cols expansions (SUC and K&P), PCG-700 and some newly created peripherals, such as an arithmetic unit ALU, RTC and potentially more, because the firmware is still being updated. The Unicard offers several communication interfaces (Ethernet - HTTP server, USB and RS-232 - USARTShell, 8-bit API MZFRepo).
But I believe PCG-700 can only be used with VGA output as UNICARD is not intervening in the original video circuit at all.
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