Is it real game ?

Playing games on the MZ.
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Is it real game ?

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Re: Is it real game ?

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- Running on a true MZ-700? obviously not.
- Running on an genuine MZ-700 emulator? obviously not.
- Running on an MZ-700 emulator with 3D rendering without program changes? I don't think so.

The reason why I think it isn't the original program is because you'll notice "sprites" are above the plane with shadow: I don't see what kind of indication in the genuine program may allow to discriminate which characters are to display with a different height.

And there is another indication: the sprites moving and the plane scrolling are too smooth to be true.
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Re: Is it real game ?

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Looks like a game running on modern hardware, but with 700-inspired sound and graphics.
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Re: Is it real game ?

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That's how the game looks in reality:

Looks much closer to abilities of real life MZ-700 :)
Not sure if stuttering is because of emulator of it is doing it on real hardware though.
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Re: Is it real game ?

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If you want to test it I have this version ...
(8.23 KiB) Downloaded 211 times
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