Gotek drive emulator

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Gotek drive emulator

Post by Sharpals » Fri May 29, 2020 7:53 am

My disks are over 30 years old and are increasingly difficult to read, so a replacement is needed.
The solution is the Gotek floppy emulator.

The emulator must be configured as a shuggard drive.
A 1: 1 ribbon cable must be used to connect the emulator to the FDC.
In order not to have so high costs,
the cheapest model can be bought, what can be found and reprogrammed yourself.

Instructions on how to reconfigure the drive via USB are available online.
I found a free firmware that works great: flashfloppy-v3.13a

The config for the gotek is as follows.

interface = shugart
host = MSX
pin02 = auto
pin34 = auto
track-change = instant
write-drain = realtime
head-settle-ms = 1
motor-delay = 5
chgrst = delay-5

Hint: the gotek can emulate an QD-Drive too !!

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