Two new text adventure games for the MZ-80A :D

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Two new text adventure games for the MZ-80A :D

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Hi there, hope you’re all doing ok!

I have two new MZ-80A text adventure games for you lovely lot, just in time for the weekend!

The games are Main Course and The Seance.

Main Course is about an alien, waking up on a starship and trying to get home!

The Seance is more supernatural in nature as you might expect, and is set in Victorian London.

Both were originally made using Adrift and then ported/improved for my beloved ZX Spectrum (sorry!) and are made using Lantern.

Thanks to board user MZ-80A for convincing Lantern’s coder, Evan Wright, to include an export option for Sharp machines.

So yeah! Do have a look! And if you ever wanted to make your own adventure game I highly recommend Lantern. It’s pretty easy to use and there’s loads of tutorials on YouTube to assist you if you need help!

I have a few more text adventures planned, and will release them all for the MZ-80A as exporting them is simple. Would be rude not to, really!

You're welcome/sorry ;)

Anyway, happy to answer any questions, hope you find the games interesting if you decide to give them a go! :D


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Re: Two new text adventure games for the MZ-80A :D

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I should say that Evan is actually still making adjustments to Lantern for the MZ machines. Also, currently the export menu only mentions MZ-80A but I believe his system should be compatible amongst all of the usual MZs. If I find that it is compatible then I will convince him to rename the menu option to just "Sharp MZ"
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